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Sharp R959SLMA 40 litre 900 watt Digital Combination Microwave Oven with Quartz Grill

Sharp R959SLMA 40 litre 900 watt Digital Combination Microwave Oven with Quartz Grill

this can be a great oven with decent features. I have used it regularly over eighteen months, for cooking roasts (including Christmas Turkey Dinner). It has a quick menu that helps you access it’s programmed modes such as baked potatoes – which take about 25 mins and come soft inside with crispy pores and skin. I now have a standard oven, it’s only advantage in the Sharp is it’s capacity, however the Sharp has many advantages over it including: microwave; flexible timers; turntable. It has a shelf so you can cook two things at once i. e. roast beef and roast oranges. Even if you have a conventional oven this makes the most appropriate second oven, highly recomended!


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Microwave Cooking Pots With Colour Changing Lids

Microwave Cooking Pots With Colour Changing Lids

couple of 3 Microwave Cooking Pots with colour changing lids Lids change colour when meals are cooked. Ideal for cooking vegetables, stews, pasta or re-heating. Specially designed for the microwave, these lidded pots are well suited for super-quick casseroles, soups and stews or healthful vegetables and pasta. They are also ideal for re-heating; their colour-control lids change colour out of blue to clear when fully heated by. Set of 3 pots can be used straight from freezer to microwave to table. Large (2. 8 ltr) pot, medium (1. seven ltr) pot, small (1 ltr) pot. Dishwasher protected. RRP £19. 99. Manufactured for Good tips.

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Whirlpool Jet Saveur VT265 SL 24 litre 800 watt Microwave Oven

Whirlpool Jet Saveur VT265 SL 24 litre 800 watt Microwave Oven

Whirlpool introduces the Jet Saveur range of unique CLEAN microwave ovens.

The spacious interior of this microwave oven includes unique CRISP System function and CRISP plate which gives oven-style browning and crisping to both the top and bottom of dishes, making it perfect for baking pastries, quiches, pizza and cakes as well as roasting or grilling meat and fish. you can also roast a chicken and fry and egg in it! And because it’s a microwave, your food is cooked in half the time it will be in a normal oven.

The Jet Menu function offers an incredibly easy and automated way of preparing food in half enough time of a traditional oven. All you do is select the food item type, enter the weight and just press a button. Pre-programmed recipes ensure that your meal is obviously cooked to perfection.

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Kitchen Craft Microwave Cookware Egg Boilers


Kitchen Craft Microwave Cookware Egg Boilers

the particular microwave egg boilers are perfect for day to day breakfast and boil eggs in seconds. The egg boilers are actually designed for use in the microwave, they are made from a special plastic just for easy use in microwave ovens. The egg boilers come with a container with a flat base so that it stands easily and neatly while in the microwave. They also have a lid with a vent and indents for them to be easily removed. The boilers are quick and user friendly, simply break the egg into the ovum boiler, prick yolk and replace lid. Place the boiler on the microwave oven and in just 20-30 seconds your breakfast egg is complete. The egg boilers are dishwasher safe intended for easy maintenance.

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Hinari Easitronic HMW169 Black Convection Microwave Oven

Hinari Easitronic HMW169 Black Convection Microwave Oven

and also microwave, the HMW169 also features a powerful 1450 W grill to help you to brown off food in the oven and there’s convection cooking so that you bake or roast foods like you would in a normal convection cooker. This helps you achieve that tasty baked or crisping effect as well as prepare the meat or poultry for your Sunday roast dinner. Alternatively, you can combine the cooking power from the microwave and the browning functionality of the grill with a further four combination settings. In addition, the HMW169 microwave looks the part that has a smart black exterior and blue LED show for added kitchen sophistication. The stylish mirror door adds towards the effect and the Easitronic controls, which will be comprised of digital and analogue options, are convenient to use taking the fuss out of cooking. The microwave also boasts a child safety lock to stop smaller members of the family from accidentally using it.

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