Russell Hobbs Marco Pierre White 23 Litre Steam Microwave

Russell Hobbs Marco Pierre White 23 Litre Steam Microwave

First up- getting older have a turntable – but don’t allow this deter you!

At first I thought that lacking a turntable would not be as very good, but it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. What I love about this piece of kit is the simplicity of it, one dial to set the time, push the same dial to start out, and your cooking with microwave! Turn the know anticlockwise as well as the front panel lights up like a Christmas tree which has a whole load of preset programs – select considering the same dial, and your off! Fill water tank, steam, grill whatever, it’s very easy and useful!

I’ve bought much of Marco Pierre White’s stuff in addition to being yet I’ve still to be disappointed, this can be another great gizmo that I’m happy to allow worktop space for – I bought this microwave to replace a mature one that still worked, I much like the looks, use and utility of the modern one.



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